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Strategic intentMarcopolo Hendukush Ltd.

MHCLC intends to be the best organization in the Afghan construction industry, sought after by both international and national clients, respected by its competitors, embraced by its employees, and renowned for the quality and efficiency of its work.

Our MissionMarcopolo Hendukush Ltd.

The mission of the organization is to alleviate the problems and realize the immediate needs of the affected and improve shed once and to take an active part in the reconstruction and development of the country badly devastated by the long-lasting war and national strife in the past two decades.

Our ObjectiveMarcopolo Hendukush Ltd.

The main objective behind the formation of the company has been to stretch a helping hand towards the afghan masses adversely affected by more than two decades of war, poverty, and deprivation of their basic socio-economic rights under the prevailing unstable state administration.

MHCLC DirectorsMarcopolo Hendukush Ltd.

The Board of Directors of MHCLC collectively possess over 15 years of experience in the construction industry in Afghanistan. Their deep belief is that self-reliance is achieved through  development  &  improvement  must  serve  as  the  underlying  theme  of  all  its corporate endurance

Marcopolo Hendukush Ltd.

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About Us

The afghan nation finds itself in desperate conditions in the aftermath of the devastating war, instability and conflict. A number of dedicated Afghans have come forward in favor of doing a timely service to their affected Afghans by funding this company in (2002).




Director of MHCLC

  • I am proud to announce that Marcopolo Hendukush Construction & Logistic Company (MHCLC) has completed a lot of challenging jobs in ISAF HQ with no deficiencies; MHCLC is working for ISAF HQ from last 8 years without any hindrance and with a good reputation.

    Eng Farhad

To achieve this highly sacred mission, MHCLC began its functioning as an offshoot of the ditch committee for Afghanistan (DCA).when the Dutch committee ceased its programs,

the Afghans cooperating with the agency committed themselves to continue the mission through the formation of   MHCLC as a non-political, non-governmental, and non-profit company.

The realization of MHCLC as a respected leader in Afghanistan, representing the best of the private sector in terms of innovation and creativity,  the best in philanthropy in terms of giving back of  Afghan society and the best in human Development in terms of advancing the right of individual afghan lean, prosper and Succeed.

MHCLC core organization values are:

  1. Personal and corporate conduct is beyond reproach.
  2. A Strong work ethic supported by continual learning.
  3. The creation of value in people, businesses, and society.
  4. Leadership by example.

At the outset (MHCLC) sought ways and means to single out the immediate requirements of the needy afghan inside Afghanistan and to deliver the required assistance to needy with the active support if the respective donors. MHCLC also had an active part in assisting afghans in the inside if Afghanistan like creating accessibility situation to work and employing them to several projects to keep them out of poverty.

Our Partners